Thursday, 7 October 2010

'White bread should be avoided like the plague"

"The Swiss government has been aware of the dangers of eating white bread for decades and in order to get its populace to stop eating it, Switzerland has placed a tax on the purchase of white bread. The tax money is given to bakers to reduce the price of whole wheat bread to encourage people to switch.

The Canadian government passed a law prohibiting the “enrichment” of white bread with synthetic vitamins. Bread must contain the original vitamins found in the grain, not imitations.

The flour used to make white bread is chemically bleached, just like you bleach your clothes. So when you are eating white bread, you are also eating residual chemical bleach.

Flour mills use different chemical bleaches, all of which are pretty bad. Here are a few of them: oxide of nitrogen, chlorine, chloride, nitrosyl and benzoyl peroxide mixed with various chemical salts.

One bleaching agent, chloride oxide, combined with whatever proteins are still left in the flour, produces alloxan. Alloxon is a poison and has been used to produce diabetes in laboratory animals. Chlorine oxide destroys the vital wheat germ oil. It will also shorten the flour’s shelf life.

Good Nutrition: You Won’t Find It In White Bread!
In the process of making flour white, half of the good unsaturated fatty acids, that are high in food value, are lost in the milling process alone, and virtually all the vitamin E is lost with the removal of wheat germ and bran. As a result, the remaining flour in the white bread you buy, contains only poor quality proteins and fattening starch.

But that is not the whole story as to the loss of nutrients. About 50% of all calcium, 70% of phosphorus, 80% iron, 98% magnesium, 75% manganese, 50% potassium, and 65% of copper is destroyed. If that is not bad enough, about 80% thiamin, 60% of riboflavin, 75% of niacin, 50% of pantothenic acid, and about 50% of Pyridoxine is also lost.

These horrific numbers are the results of a study run by the University of California, College of Agriculture.

It is obvious, from what we have learned, that white bread should be avoided like the plague. Whole wheat, rye, and grain breads made with whole wheat flour is a better way to go. Let alone adults, feeding white bread to children aught to be a crime!"

Is this person serious?

I have found out even more people who share this view...
"It's bleached and refined - eliminating the nutritional content of the grain and fiber.It raises blood sugar levels and is very addictive in that you're always hungry after eating it because your body becomes nutritionally starved. Refined flour and sugar should be reserved for the occassional treat to satisfy your sweet tooth - light, fluffy desserts."
"The flour its all refined and completely rubbish for you with no nutrients, wholemeal uses unrefined and has lots of goodness."
"White bread is bad for they take out the hole gran that gives out the goodness, but its the stuff they put into the bread to make it last longer than 2 days that makes it worse for us than good."
"Numerous scientific studies have proved time and time again that certain food items that are commonly consumed in our modern, fast living diets that are detrimental to our health. One of these is white bread, a main stay of most people’s diets."
"Refined white flour is produced from the whole wheat grain which is then subjected to the refining process which removes all traces of the husk, or bran and along with it all the goodness contained in the grain. It is then bleached using chemical bleaching agents which contain chlorine and dried in kilns at high temperature to kill any remaining beneficial constituents. This insipid, bland, tasteless powder then has gluten added, which is a product that an increasing number of people are becoming allergic to, which helps to produce a more evenly risen and air filled loaf. A standard while loaf of bread also has sugar added to enable the baker’s yeast to prove the dough and make it rise. Salt is also added to check the progress of the yeast and prevent the loaf from rising too much."
"Small bakery bread and home made loaves usually taste a little better but because refined white flour is used in their production, there is still no health benefit."

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