Thursday, 10 February 2011

SHIT Olympics

Found this little gem while looking for the shit 2010 olympics logo...

Department of Infographics: Shit Olympics: "I was going to create a nice little graphic of the incomprehensibly poor 2012 logo tranformed into the word 'SHIT'. Perhaps predictably, thi..."

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bill Gates: Vaccines Save Lives

Amazing and really inspiring to look at something a new way and still be effective in communication. I think it keeps you attention more becasue you are watching the animation and are being kept engaged. I love this.

Words animation

This would have been perfect research for 'Silent Movie'! Pretty good animation, it must have been made digitally as the paper stays constantly the same.

A new beginning

Paper made animation. Brilliant and beautiful. The shading achieved by embossing the paper is wonderful and really adds a more realistic and high quality feel to the piece. I would love to use this style of creating waves in my animation.


Great use of paper and real life interaction...

I'm going to make it better


Climent Canal and Sebastian Baptista. I really want to use some aspects of this animation in my own... I want to change the basic transition of the normal text so it is more legible and typing may be a good replacement. I also love the use of colour.