Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Where is Graphic Design found?

Where is it meant to be seen? In what situation or at what scale?
How is the audience supposed to receive it and are they meant to interact with it.

Type driven

Image driven
Emily Forgot

Type and image
Vintage Coke Cans
Bunny and the Bull

Who is Graphic Design for?

Who is the potential audience or audiences? Who is meant to 'get it' and who isn't.

Type driven
Creative Review

Image driven
Dr. Martens
Alberto Hernandez
Sam O'Hare
Reading For Life

Type and image

What is Graphic Design for?

What function does it perform or what problem is it trying to solve?

Type driven
Ingmar Spiller
Sean Freeman/There Is

Image driven
Maggi Noem
Yanni Kronenberg and Lucinda Schreiber
Lernert & Sander/We Love Our Work

Type and image
Kimberley Chan

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Marc Tasman

Whilst researching Noah K Everyday I found this guy, Marc Tasman. He has made a short film made up of thousands of polaroids including him everyday for 10 years (weather this is true or not people are specualtive) but either way I think it is pretty impressive. The video has mini sequences in also which really bring the whole thing to life. I love it and really want to try it out. I know polaroid camera doesn't give you the best results but I really love the imperfections of the pictures created and the personal feel to the images.

Noah K Everyday

Noah K Everyday

Sam Taylor-Wood

I have been looking for something similar to this in photo form for a while but could never remember who did it. Sam Taylor-Wood also does the same video with a rabbit... but it is very unpleasant. I can appreciate the fruit video more than the rabbit one... not sure why as they are both demonstrating the same thing. I reckon thats just the hypocrite in me.

Nine Inch Nails

In my 'What is a Line' feedback it was suggested that I check this out. The music video features a fox decomposing in reverse. Pretty gruesome stuff but it definitely fits with my concept. It is an example of how time can affect a given object. However... I can't seem to find out who direct the video or who shot the footage!

Friday, 12 March 2010

My Eye is on Fire

I saw My Eye is on Fire at the Book fare and just had to buy one of their hot dog fold screen printed A3 books. This is the one that I bought as I loved the colours and story. the illustrations is amazing. Everything about this I love, from the stock to the size. For my, this is pretty much perfect!

King Kong, 
My Eye Is On Fire.

Ghost Publications

Ghost Publications

Patrick Fry

Beautiful Zines... No.Zine is "A self initiated zine project featuring a variety of young artists, writers, photographers and illustrators. Each issue is conceptually centred around its issue number. Curation, management and design. 32 pages, two colours, 148x210mm." Love the use of limited colours and the whole concept. Just wish I was doing it! This Zine actually has a purpose and communicates well... exactaly what Graphic Design should do. His website is pretty sweet too! One of my new favourite designers. I'm gonna be buying these Zines for sure!

No.Zine, Issue No.1. 
Patrick Fry.

No.Zine, Issue No.2. 
Patrick Fry.

No.Zine, Issue No.3. 
Patrick Fry.

Website Homepage, Images change to colour when hovered over. Patrick Fry.

A Two Pipe Problem

Wood block type

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dave the Chimp

I found Dave the Chimp when researching for the 'Don't Panic: Vogue' brief. He designed one of their envelopes and I really liked his style. Turns out his main focus is street art. His pieces have a message to them and are open to all to see. I really like his work and love his style of illustration. He works with rubbish and I especially like his series on mattresses, its really effective. I guess you have to stand out with street art so you get noticed and produce work which is recognisable as an individual style.

- "ever wondered what lurks in those green boxes? now you know..." Dave the Chimp

- If you smoke, I smoke (one off addition to government campaign poster), East London, Dave the Chimp

- Street sleepers (pieces on mattresses on the streets of London to demonstrate the amount of people especially kids who sleep rough, Dave the Chimp

- 75 little people containing mini magazine called 'smile', drawings and a letter to the finder encouraging them to greet everyone with a smile, London, Dave the Chimp

Something else I found was this video showing how he makes alot of his characters using only one line. This is a brilliant idea and really effective at producing art in his style. I think it is really interesting and has got me thinking about what else you can make from just one line of something. Brilliant work. 

Alyoisiuss Pyker

Sunscreen 2008
screenprint workshop

Drew Millward

I learnt about Drew Millward at the screenprint workshop at Blenhiem. His work is really interesting and busy, he is also based in Leeds which is a bonus! "He has exhibited throughout the US, UK, Europe and beyond, as well as having the pleasure of creating work for an ever growing international client base."
- The Unfortunate Hybrid of an owl and an Ice Cream Sundae, Drew Millward

- Drew Millward

- Headache by Drew Millward


 Yanick Desranleau and Chloe Lum make up Seripop, an artists studio based in Montreal, Canada. The work which caugh my eye was their EP designs for their band AIDS Wolf. The prints we got shown at the workshop were for another cover and they had screen printed the design using alot of different techniques including colour half tone... it made an interesting and impressive effect, but id more simple to create than it looks. Good stuff.