Friday, 12 March 2010

Patrick Fry

Beautiful Zines... No.Zine is "A self initiated zine project featuring a variety of young artists, writers, photographers and illustrators. Each issue is conceptually centred around its issue number. Curation, management and design. 32 pages, two colours, 148x210mm." Love the use of limited colours and the whole concept. Just wish I was doing it! This Zine actually has a purpose and communicates well... exactaly what Graphic Design should do. His website is pretty sweet too! One of my new favourite designers. I'm gonna be buying these Zines for sure!

No.Zine, Issue No.1. 
Patrick Fry.

No.Zine, Issue No.2. 
Patrick Fry.

No.Zine, Issue No.3. 
Patrick Fry.

Website Homepage, Images change to colour when hovered over. Patrick Fry.

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