Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Lisa Rienermann

This sky type by Lisa Rienermann is so simple but effective. I really like the mixture of photography to make a typeface. I love how the space between buildings creates the letterform, so impressive! Her website also has loads of useful links and other examples of her work including stop motion animations, and photo montages, good stuff all round.


This dude is amazing, much like Banksy as it is street art (which I never thought I would appreciate). Slinkachu leaves his work for the public to find. His "Little People" series focusses on the feeling of feeling so small and overwhelmed in a big city, and it really captures this. I love it! I'm not too keen on the new project "Inner City Snail" he sees it as "a satire of street art and, more generally, our need to cover every available surface of our cities with graffiti, signage and advertising".


I rented out a DVD from the library called Helvetica, a documentary on the . It was quite interesting! I never realised how big a role Helvetica actually has. It is used for everything! Some people think this is a bad thing and that it has been overdone, but I think its great. It works for so many circumstances and can communicate so many different feelings/thoughts depending on the context. Personally I don't think I will use it excessively, however I may use it every now and then. Everything in moderation. I also borrowed Helvetica A Homage To A Typeface...

Ice Cream For Free

Berlin based design studio Ice Cream For Free produce designs mainly for print. A few things that caught my eye from their site are shown below... Normally I'm not keen on merged images, but I think these work really nicely.


FUEL Publishing produce books on a range of subjects which interest them. This is a self-promotional poster and I like it because it makes the books personal by using them to represent someone. I found this image in the book Contemporary Graphic Design.

Si Scott

As below, Si Scott illustrates typography using a hand-drawn style. I quite like his work and appreciate the beauty he creates in his type.

Elisa Gonzalez

I came across this when looking through AOI Images 32 and it reminds me of the work by Si Scott (see above). The brief for this piece was to illustrate and elephant over the words Grand Corps; It should be eye catching but not as important as the type work. I'm undecided whether I like this or not... I don't understand the relevance of the words of imagery and why the relationship between them... still saying that I do find it interesting.

Creative Review Layout

Creative Review inspires me in terms of layouts. Everything is so clean and constructed, just the type of design I like. The articles are pretty good too... Hahaha.

Jules Cheret

Jules Cheret is often called the father of the modern poster and I really appreciate his work. It has a simplicity to it, but also holds so much detail and a clear style. Many other artists adopted and developed his style in the late 1800's such as Henri de Toulouse -Lautrec. I first discovered Cheret whilst looking through "Graphic Design A Concise History".


I never used to be a fan of Banksy as I never saw Graffiti as art, just mess. I picked up "Wall and Piece" and flicked through I fell in love with the emotion and story behind his work. I appreciate graffiti so much more now and definitely am a fan of Banksy!

Dettmer Otto

This piece called "Two States" was created for The Guardian to ask a question, is it possible for Israelis and Palaestinians to live together in one country? I found it in the book AOI Images 32 I really like the simplicity but the clear and direct content. The colours in this really help to demonstrate the "Two States".

Friday, 16 October 2009


This was designed for Wanner AG sometime before 1972 and I found it from a Devkick blog post. I really like how the letters help make up the rest of the numbers and the use of negative space.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Frazer Hudson

This digital piece was commissioned for The Guardian to answer the Brief; To what depths does Racism exist within our shores and how best can we avoid racial conflict. I think the images answers every part of the brief and it works brilliantly to demonstrate the issue of racism. It plays on Titanic for reference and makes me feel like we can't avoid the conflict, it is always there, we just don't know about it all the time. I found this in AOI Images 32.


I found this image from Flickr when I was researching anaglyphs for my Summer Brief. With 3d Glasses it works amazingly well. But I even like it just looking with the naked eye. The depth is incredible and it helped me to understand anaglyphs a bit better through just seeing it work so well.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Axel Peemoller

I love anything which tricks the eye and by chance found this in Playful Type. I haven't seen wayfinding or any signage design like this before and definitely adds interest to a normally overlooked area of design.


"Merry Structure" has great depth and I love it. I like all the lines in it and the feeling of space it creates. Similarly to the BRNO ECHO by Abbott Miller it is one of my favourite pieces. I found out about Kandinsky through some colleagues when I worked in a Design Dept.

Peter Grundy

I really like the informative nature of this piece for Esquire Magazine by Peter Grundy. I found this from AOI Images 32 I see it as telling us we are worth more than we think, so look after ourselves... If you look at what you could afford with your organs, we wouldn't crash a Mercedes Benz SLK-Class 280, so don't trash our bodies!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Abbott Miller

This is my favorite piece of Graphic Design currently... They are 4 posters to advertise an Abbott Miller exhibition "Ornament and Crime from Adolf Loos to Now". I love how the lines follow the letterforms. I also like the colours, I would be scared of using them all together but I really like it.