Sunday, 6 December 2009

Frances Stark

David Hockney - Artwork

The reason for going to the new Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery was to see the David Hockney echibitions that was on. I loooooooove his photomontages.

Unfortunately, there was no photomontages. However, I got to see a lot of his artwork which normally I woudn't of bothered to look at or research. It was really interesting to see his other styles and learn more about him.

I was overwhelmed by "A Bigger Splash" and really do recommend to anyone to go see it. Seeing it in books and on a screen doesn't compare.

- David Hockney, A Bigger Splash, 1967

- David Hockney Rake's Progress, Plate number 1, 1962

Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery

Just before Christmas I went to the new Nottingham Contempoary Art Gallery. There has been quite alot of hype about it being featured in grafik and on some TV shows. I wasn't a massive fan of the building. I like the concept of putting lace over the eterior concrete, its a really nice mixture of textures and really brings the building into the area of Nottingham which it is set (Lace Market). The stains downstairs have a real modernist feel to them too with concrete being used for the floors, walls and ceiling. It is really nice as they haven't treated the concrete, it is pure.

Graphic Design can appear in unlikely places, in this case on a seat. The Gallery has used the logo as a seating point, quite tricky to see in my photos but its quite a clever idea. I like how it lines up right when viewed straight on, but as you move the letters become disjointed. I like!

The logo is a bit weird... back to front. Well... very weird as they have loads which I cant understand at all. If you look through the guide every page has a different logo by a different artist, not designer. WHY!?