Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Alison Carmichael

Why have I never DC'd this woman before! I love her work and have done for a while. I really enjoy the hand lettered approach, especially as it seems to have structure... as I have found with alot of hand illustrated font, I am not keen when there are no rules.

Her work really inspires me. The two conflicting messages between type and image in some of her works is brillaint and I hope to be able to creat a piece using this idea at some point as a personal project.

Don't Panic Poster

 Words look much nicer hand lettered

 Michelle is a slag

 Clean me

Friday, 13 August 2010

Rare Prints

I kept seeing this advertising campaign on the back of ASOS magazines but they never really grabbed me until I saw this little beauty (Matt W. Moore print) and had to find out more! Ray Ban have released a new collection of sunglasses under the ailias 'Never Hide'. These 'Rare Prints' are brilliantly marketed and already grasp at the Ray Ban followers by using their much loved Wayfarer frames. I think the designs are wicked and even though I am not a bit fan of using lots of colours in my own personal work, it looks great here.

Matt W. Moore
- I love this poster design, it is so eye catchng and wonderful how it uses no boundaries but lots of shapes to make up an image.

Ames Brothers
- This was the one I kept seeing on the back of ASOS. I'm not a fan of this but I suppose they have different styles and different posters to reach the biggest audience! Based on the posters alone I would buy the top design. 

 Vahalla Studios 
- They even have videos to go along with the print... Ray Ban have all sides covered!

Music Philosophy

Mico Toledo like music and typography. Put them together and you get this... Here are my favourites. I like them but think I would prefer it on some of them if the typography reflected the words a bit more. On some where the quotes are negative it somehow still magages to look positive, which I normally like, but i'm not all that keen on some designs. It feel a bit like marmite....a love hate thing.

The Beatles

Sondre Lerche

Thursday, 12 August 2010

3D Typography

I am obsessed with this book... ordered it today and am so motherflipping excited! More to come in kater posts of my favourite designers...

Lisa Congdon

A collection a day


Stephen Doyle

Paper sculptures