Friday, 13 August 2010

Rare Prints

I kept seeing this advertising campaign on the back of ASOS magazines but they never really grabbed me until I saw this little beauty (Matt W. Moore print) and had to find out more! Ray Ban have released a new collection of sunglasses under the ailias 'Never Hide'. These 'Rare Prints' are brilliantly marketed and already grasp at the Ray Ban followers by using their much loved Wayfarer frames. I think the designs are wicked and even though I am not a bit fan of using lots of colours in my own personal work, it looks great here.

Matt W. Moore
- I love this poster design, it is so eye catchng and wonderful how it uses no boundaries but lots of shapes to make up an image.

Ames Brothers
- This was the one I kept seeing on the back of ASOS. I'm not a fan of this but I suppose they have different styles and different posters to reach the biggest audience! Based on the posters alone I would buy the top design. 

 Vahalla Studios 
- They even have videos to go along with the print... Ray Ban have all sides covered!

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