Sunday, 31 January 2010

Stop Motion - Bang-Yao Liu "Deadline"

This post-it stop motion is brilliant. It works really well having the intecation between the post-it notes and the worker. Like they are taunting him, as they seem to do when we have deadlines.

Stop Motion - Ljudbilden & Piloten

Ljudbilden & Piloten have created loads of amazing animaions, all their stuff is really really nice and has a pure quality to it...

This first one is stop motion and I cannot get my head around how they made this. It is just amazing if you think about each frame individually.

This advertisement was created for Ford and is created using stop motion aswell. I really like the interaction between the screens and what is being displayed on them.

These animations just made me feel really happy when I found them... they are characters placed over a video and have a really individual personality, definitely different from things that I have seen before. They have a real identity in this style. 

Stop Motion - PES "Western Spaghetti"

Cooking with a rubiks cube... yep.

Stop Motion - Tony vs. Paul

This must have taken ages to plan and to create but it is absolutely amazing! I don't think there will ever be a stop motion animation that I don't like! This was made by Tony Fiandaca and Paul Cummings. The music works really well with the pice as sometime it matches the beat of their movements. I really like the imaginative ways of showing movement. Genius!

Stop Motion - Text Island

Whilst searching for stop motion inspiration and research for my current Marbles project, I came accross this on the Creative Review website. This piece was created by Director Chris Gavin using text to make image.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Stop Motion - Pater Gabriel "Sledgehammer"

When I told my dada about an idea I was having using Marbles in a stop motion animation he advised me to take a look at this... It is a great song and I never knew the video was so great aswell. I can't imaging how much work went into creating this!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Lights - Etienne De Crecy/EXYZT

The use of lights at this gig are amazing. They appear as a 2D shape which then transforms into a 3D one. Also initially we are tricked into thinking the lights are static, when in fact it is a LED fabric wrapped around a cage. This cage was created by EXYZT.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Documenting Time - Maarten Baas

Maarten Baas created this Real Time exhibition of Impression of the Clocks. It shows different ways to document time and some of the pieces are really interesting. They seem to be able to give you a minute by minute idea of the time, but not seconds. But who needs to know the exact seconds of something? I especially like the grandfather clock and the digital peeling one. I think the have a really nice feel to them and bring personality to a mechanical object.

Visual Data - Hans Rosling

Normally data is seen as boring, in my opinion the way it is talked about and demonstrated is boring. If however you create an interesting visual display of the data people who wouldn't normally be interested suddenly become a fan. This is a great example of how to make any data filled talk interesting and memorable. Hans Rosling is amazing.