Sunday, 11 April 2010

Reading For Life

It is Easter, I am home, I have TV! Saw this lovely little advert earlier today and it made me smile =) So simple but witty at getting the message across. I am not normally a fan of celebrity endorsement, but I think it keeps you watching in this case. I like the way each person is reading a different book on a different topic. They are not just tackling the issue of reading for pleasure, but also the benefits of it in everyday life such as the highway code, instructions and kids storys. It also brings the subject into a modern day lifestyle with one person reading online. Saying all this, It didn't make me pick up a book and read...

I think by the people who are reading the books... the intended audience is adults. They are well known comedians and celebrities and would be more popular with adults between 20-50 rather then teenagers, kids or older generations.

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