Thursday, 28 October 2010

Adam Hayes

Hand drawn alphabet.
Line drawing with pen.

I love the detail in this typeface. I think it works even better because the original typeface used is simple so as to not detract from the illustrations. The tiny details make it something special and not just doodles... the letters do not have a stroke around them but enirely made up of the pen illustrations. each letterform has a different element and some have parts missing and illustrations coming out from them. Really lovely work.

I live in the woods.
T-shirt design.

Filling in the gaps.

Abolish the Forest (2).

From a series of scratched photographs originally exhibited as part of the Abolish the Forest film screening. I am sure I have seen this before but never blogged it. Each time I see it I like it more. I love the interation between image and type. Beautiful stuff. I think I might try and get a copy of this. I find it so inspirational and... waking! Also I am going to try out scratching photographs to add some typography style to them. 

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