Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Howies is wonderful. They believe "A higher quality product will invariably last longer. It will keep on performing as it was designed to for longer before it finally needs replacing. And so over its lifespan it will have consumed less valuable resources than an inferior product that will have been replaced many times. That's why we make the best quality products that we know how. Because ultimately the best thing we can do for the environment is to make our stuff last a real long time."

On their website I found some really cool bread facts along with a funy potatoe poem (which I know is not relevant to bread but I really like the lightheartedness of this way of communication.
  • Bread has been a staple food for humans since 7000BC. The workers who built the Egyptian pyramids were paid in bread.
  • Wheat production is estimated at 350 million tonnes annually.
  • 12 million loaves of bread are made every single day. We consume only 8 million of these, the rest goes to waste.
  • The average UK household buys around 86 loaves per year.
  • 70% of the bread we eat is white.
  • The UK bakery market is worth almost £3 billion. However, of all bakeries, less than 5% of them are real craft bakers.
  • Bread tastes really nice when toasted with jam on top.

An Ode To the Potato
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Might be a bit tricky
Seeing as you’re a potato
But I still like you
In fact, it’s more than that
You’re special
And you grew strong
Even though I neglected you
Not on purpose
I was just doing other things
(mowing the lawn, restraining the slugs)
But you were there, just growing
No fuss
Just growing
And when I came back to you
On that warm August day
Fork in hand
And lifted you from the earth
I gazed upon you lovingly
Fresh and perfectly formed
Nature’s knobbly bounty
Then I took you inside
And mashed you right up
With some butter
Sorry about that bit
Hope it didn’t hurt
But if it’s any consolation
You tasted real good

Words by Dan Germain

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