Monday, 4 October 2010

Type with Graham

What is a word?
  • A word is speech made visable.
  • Paper sizes use to be named after animals and have only changed to the standardised A sizes in the past 50 years. 
  • A big expense of printing is the running time of machines, so if you can fit more on (8xA4) it would be more effective and possibly cheaper.
  • The Gutenburg Bible was produced in typeface Blackface - a handwritten typeface - a non-handwritten typeface wasn't used until 50 years later and was adapted from the Romans.
  • 72pt is equivalent to 1inch.
My name. I like lines and serif typefaces.

Playful dog.

Guard dog.

Shy dog.

Lonely dog.

  • Should only really use kerning on a single word, not alot of text.
Railway kerning.

Hazel Gage kerning.

One, two, three, four reading in order but not in usual direction.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four only one change.

Four on the side. Read it last.

Appropriate line break.

Sentance and paragraphs
  • bvuo;vo;
  • huwq;fhEBQ/
  • nfieownE
Reading in order.

Reading in order.

Change of leading and point size.

Paragraph structure.

  • febuI;
  • fndiwoGWR
  • WRNvpow
Type to fit page.

Type to fit page with image (change of paragraph structure).

Both fitting with image as big as possible.

6 column grid with image and type. 

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