Thursday, 28 October 2010

Jenny Odell - typography

I first saw her work featured on Creative Reviews website about satellite prints but whilst looking at her site I found a few typography bits...

Illustrative typeface.

This reminds me alot of Adam Hayes Handrawn Alphabet I have previously blogged. I think his has more detail and I do prefer his, however I appreciate the effort put into creating such a detailed design. I find that when the letterforms are together to create a word, they work better along side each other in adam Hayes work rather than in the word 'design' as Jenny Odell has done. hey just seem to sit more comfortably. I think I will try to do my own version of my Handrawn Alphabet.

More typefaces designed by Odell.

I like them but have a reservation toward these which I cannot explain! I prefer things to be a little bit more structured and out f these two I refer the one on the right as it has more structure and rules which have been followed.

Dirt typeface made from... dirt.

Brown is the new green.

I like the effect of using dirt. Something so simple is quite effective and I also like having specks of green and white in the dirt so it is clear. Yeah I like it... but like Jenny's other stuff I have some reservations... really am not sure what is missing but I do feel like something is...

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