Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Potato Printing

I aim to experimented with bread and toast printing in a similar fashion to potato printing. I think this would be a nice way to reflect bread without the trouble of preserving. I could hopefully get some nice effects and textures. Here are some cool potato prints...

Johannes Esper

36 potatoes, each sliced in two halves, the top line showing one side of the potato print and below, the reverse. I think this is quite interesting and I could try this with a range of breads to see which would give me the best effect for my purpose.

Shizuka Kusauanagi.
Grow out of your blue potato skin!
Blue potato print with graphite, foil paper and glitter on paper.

Shizuka Kusauanagi.
Climb to the top bloody potato head. 

Red potato print with linocut, foil paper and glitter on paper.

Even though this work is not what i would class as Graphic Design, it is more fine art. I cannot really understand the meaning and I hate glitter with a passion! But I admire the use of potato printing skills. The red one especially where many different colours and sizes have been used. I think I could experiment with not only the types of bread I use to print but also the colour. If I use 2 colours but change the percentages, I could create something which appears to have more than 2 colours.

Caitlin Mociun.
Cheapy Dress Into a Printed Masterpiece Using...Potatoes!

As shown here, I could use potato printing (or bread printing) on any kind of material. This is something I aim to experiment with also. I guess a different texture could be created from the bread, the colour and stock. Obviously my stock would need to be suitable for whatever I would be packaging and where it would be. It may need to be pretty durable. 

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