Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Entente

Beautiful typography and layout from this studio. Love how some of their projects and typefaces are based on such obscure things, however they are legible and presented in a beautiful and appropriate way. If I could get a placement with these guys it would be awesome!

All info below is taken from The Entente website.

‘The Entente’ is a Brighton, UK based design and art direction studio formed by Anthony Sheret & Edd Harrington in late 2008. The studio is named after the relationship between both parties:
‘The Friendly Understanding’.

Alongside the The Entente studio practice, an independent type foundry,Colophon Foundry is also run.

We are currently accepting internship applications for 2011. Please send a PDF with selected works to There are no permanent positions currently available.

Alison Haigh designed Perfin in 2008. Perfins or 'Perforated Initials' first appeared on postage stamps in 1868. Companies perforated text and symbols into their stamps to protect them from theft. The use of perforations meant there was no need to overprint onto the stamp image. Perfin was created based on the letterforms seen on these stamps, and is a clear, versatile display typeface.

We designed a 12pg Specimen Catalogue to document the usage and stylistic properties of the typeface. We used the typeface as it was originally intended on the front and back cover by hand punching the name of the font and the foundry in which it was released under. We also referenced the stamps on which the typeface originally appeared. This was a four colour risograph spread in the middle of the catalogue.

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