Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Brief 01 version 02

Even after one day of attempting to start this brief, I realised it was not working. John sugested that I go big and do huge brands, however this seems to be the wrong avenue for me. I don't think I communicated that I was more interested in type and applying it to an identity, than the whole branding of a corporation.

Chat with Fred settled things again, by focusing on creating a typeface and then applying it to an appropriate outlet is what I want to do. I have found that I am finding out new things every day this year about how I want to progress as a designer and in hindsight, I have have been falsely hanging onto the idea of editorial design as that is where my roots lye.

The brief will need refining once I have done some primary research and initial ideas on typefaces. I want to let the designs shape the brief on this one and not get hung up on the final resolution from the beginning.

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