Thursday, 13 October 2011

Demian Conrad

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of projects shown on this website for Demian Conrad Design, many of them didnt look suitable for my current research, but when I delved deeper I found a great inspiration for application across a range. This post is in relation to Brief 01.

Mercalibro is a second hand market that runs once a month in Bellinzona. For the 10th anniversary we created the slogan and the idea "Dieci anni di libri" because we wanted to add values to the old books. It is an annual campaign with F4 street posters and 12 monthly A3 posters. All the communication is based on a huge ornamental typography composition.

Project: Dieci anni di libri
Client: Ondemedia
Where: Bellinzona - Switzerland
Art direction design: Demian Conrad

Poster F4
Poster A3
Flyer A5
Shopping bag
Quality labels
Cardboard box installation

Gabbani is the oldest delicatessen in the swiss italian part (1937). It is an old family business that survived and flourished until becoming the state-of-the-art reference in the food industry. 30 People are working to serve the best as possible to their costumers. The company is divided in the following sectors: food (vegetables and fruits, meet, wine and spirits, flowers, bread and pasta, G product line), restaurant, bed&breakfast and catering.
For Gabbani we have created the new identity and few promotional campaigns.
The idea behind the project was create a fashionable and bold identity in order to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market. Visually the references are from the flavour of the 30's with a mix of various typographies and the use of the black&white optical art typical of the 60's.

Project: New identity
Client: Gabbani
Where: Lugano - Switzerland
Art direction design: Demian Conrad
Photo: Olivier Lovey, Sylvain Meltz

- Naming
- Logotype
- Type setting
- Color palette

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