Monday, 17 October 2011

Demian Conrad

Second post for Demian Conrad Design. This post is in relation to Brief 03. This particular project is not an exhibition design, however it does have alot of the same characteristics as this is a homage to lettera22.

Ondemedia came to me with the need of giving birth to a new space, between a library and an internet cafe. Thinking about books and internet, I analyzed the communicating points and noticed that text is the common denominator between them. Text as per a book or text as hypertext, the innovation lays in their relationship and not in the form. I connected the text with the world of letters and being a lover and collectionist of type machines I could not resist to pay a homage to Olivetti "lettera22" by Marcello Nizzoli. Such a cult object which inspired me to use the civic number of the building and re-baptized as "lettera9". Inside the space a wall is dedicated to the digital and another to the analogic. The innovation lays in the relationship.

Project: Lettera 9
Client: Ondemedia
Where: Bellinzona - Switzerland
Art direction design: Demian Conrad
Photography: Marco Agorri

Interior design

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