Thursday, 13 October 2011


Deliverables for all briefs must be defined now so I know when I have finished a brief. These can be changed as I research into specific brief.

Brief 01 - Helvetica has no soul
Focus - font
1x font
1x information booklet
1x booklet PDF
5x prints
5x postcards
Packaging for each deliverable

Brief 02 - Window architecture of English cities
Focus - identity and editorial
1x identity (include choices for all fonts and layout of all editorials)
5x front covers
1x editorial
1x font
4x headlines

Brief 03 - Exhibition of typography promotion (real exhibition)
Focus - identity and print
1x exhibition guide
5x promotional posters
5x commercial postcards
1x bookmark
Packaging for gift shop products including tote bag
1x font

Brief 04 - ISTD

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