Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Team Impression

This morning I went to Team Impression and didn't think it was going to be as exciting or insightful as it was! Really learnt alot from this visit and understand even more that it is vital to have a good relationship with your printers.

At the start of the machine is a large pile of stock (image 2) this is taken through all the different plates CMYK (image 3 and video 1). There are 6 units, so 6 plates can be used in this process (image 4). At the end is another pile of completed pages (video 2). These can then be trimmed down to size or other finishes applied.
Image 1.
The area where litho printing takes place.

Image 2.
Stock pile at start of printer.

Image 3.
Inked plates (CMYK).

Image 4.
6 units.

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