Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Contextual Understanding - crit response

My opportunities lie in public transport as I am targeting commuters. Where will my audience see my promotion.

Fuse 8 'speak-out' campaign on bus.

Fuse 8
"Challenge - Create a powerful public transport advertising campaign to draw attention to domestic violence, whilst at the same time offering help and advice to the victims. Use the best outdoor advertising mediums and radio advertising to achieve maximum exposure and standout amongst the general public.
Solution - The ‘speak out’ advertising campaign was created. This used arresting images of women with no mouths to highlight victims’ fear and unwillingness to openly talk about the subject. In order to create stand out and mass exposure, the advertising campaign featured on the new ‘Super 12’ bus side format supported by powerful 40 second radio adverts. These are large format sites which offer unrivalled penetration into the heart of the city, ensuring high levels of visibility.
Results - All too often, advertising visuals and messages are too complex and fail to cut through. For this reason, a simple standout image was created. This helped to deliver a potent campaign that would effectively draw attention to the problem in just a couple of seconds."

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