Sunday, 14 November 2010

Promotion bus interior - specifications

This information has been provided by CBS Outdoor.

In Summary...
  • Overall size - 203 x 660mm
  • Display area - 173 x 630mm
  • Copy must be approved by CBS Outdoor
  • Posters must be mounted onto 750 micron folding box board
  • Use 100 micron removable self-adhesive vinyl specified as they have been tested and approved by CBS Outdoor.
  • Use of computerised barcoding system to monitor advertising is in place. The system provides instant information about the posting of advertisers campaigns,barcodes must be placed in the bottom right-hand corner of all posters, 50mm from each edge. 
  • Barcode must be printed in black or dark blue against a light background, but in this instance, can be half the size.
  • The over-loading of ink in solid areas of colour must be avoided. This should be accomplished by adjusting your RIP software settings so that ‘Ink Limiting’ is set to a maximum of 200%. This should still allow enough ink saturation to give a good colour gamut without too much ink being laid down.

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