Thursday, 4 November 2010

Rail advertising

Alot of commuters use rail. I used to use the train and the tram in Nottingham and occasionally some advertising has stuck in my head. However... normally when walking through the station I am normally in too much of a rush to look around so something has to be right in my face for me to take notice.

Rail landmarks
"Large, eye-catching stretch skin displays, all of our Landmark sites are back-lit and positioned in the most prominent locations to demand consumers’ attention as they move around the station. Landmarks can be used in combination with traditional sheetage to communicate more detailed information and build brand awareness in all areas of the station, or on their own to deliver a strong visual impact." As I said at the top of this post, I do not think these will be as effective as you only see them when you have time to lok, and I am targeting people in a bit of a rush.

"Positioned inside the trains this valuable site allows advertisers to talk to passengers when they have the time to read your ad in detail and make a note of any call to action information to act on at a later date. Passengers using the National Rail network welcome ads that entertain them as they travel in a confined space and are a source of distraction. They present clients with the perfect opportunity to talk to consumers when they are in a receptive mindset to absorb the advertised message."

Dwell time - Passengers using the UK’s rail network, travel for longer periods of time across the country, giving them the time to consider your ad.
Welcomed - Passengers travelling regularly on our networks welcome advertising as it entertains them on their journey.
Positioning - Passenger Panels are located in key positions inside the train so that the ad is in direct eye-line with both seated and standing passengers.

"Representing a third of UK stations we look after a valuable slice of the National Rail advertising opportunity and can help you reach desirable, mobile consumers. 6 Sheets offer advertisers a cost-effective advertising solution that places their brand in premium locations across a station to maximise its high foot fall cover. These sites are all about being seen frequently as passengers continue their journey around a station; continued viewing will build a brand memory that can be actioned throughout the day. 6 Sheets are displayed in framed sites and can be embedded with Bluetooth technology to enable the consumer to download information."

Exposure -
With an average of seven 6 Sheets in every CBS Outdoor station, taking a national or local campaign can help bring your brand front of mind with a valuable audience.
Local - Consumers identify with their local area and with train stations at the heart of the community. Tapping into consumers on a local platform gives ads ‘for me’ relevance and can direct consumers to shops, outlets and services in and around their immediate area.
Frequency - National Rail is used by passengers on a regular basis with 38% of travellers using the network more than 3 times a week*. This frequent travel ensures your ad is constantly seen during the campaign period by the consumers you are targeting. * National Passenger Survey, Passenger Focus 2009
Broadcast - Their location within a station and number of sites means this advertising solution can broadcast brands when consumers are in a receptive mindset to think about the advertised message.

48 sheet
"This poster site offers advertisers a large canvas to capture the attention of consumers as they make regular journeys to and from their local station. Placed on the platform clients can either use the site to communicate detailed information, due to its high-dwell time benefit, or achieve stand-out with its huge scale and creative potential. Delivering you an audience that has the time and inclination to absorb your key messages, 48 Sheets campaigns entertain passengers as they wait for an average of 13 minutes on the platform. If you are using 48 Sheets as part of your media plan it is only truly national when you are on our stations."
Dwell time -
48 Sheets enjoy high dwell time thanks to their prominent position on the platforms. This benefit ensures that every detail of your campaign is absorbed which in turn increases the effectiveness of the ad.
Frequency - The majority of rail passengers make habitual journeys through the week. Being exposed repeatedly to your ad over the campaign period will further enhance memory of the ad.
Audience - 40% of rail travellers are in senior management positions. This affluent audience is often time pressured and uses this travel time to plan both business and leisure pursuits. National Rail 48 Sheets are the best medium to attract attention from this group. * National Passenger Survey, Passenger Focus 2009.
Welcomed - 65% of consumers welcome advertising in National Rail stations. This active engagement is not present in other content driven advertising and means that the consumers are in the right mindset when they are looking for stimulation. * Consumers on the Move, 2007.

4 sheet
"The little brother of the 6 Sheet. Their job is very similar – touching consumers as they move around a station and building brand memory due to the number of times they are seen. 4 Sheets offer advertisers with smaller budgets the opportunity to benefit from the unique environmental that National Rail advertising offers. They are the ideal platform to tell consumers about events in the local area, direct them into local stores or push them online."

Cost-effective - With a low entry cost 4 Sheets are the ideal format to get exposure in National Rail stations for smaller advertisers
Cover and frequency - With a high proportion of sites across our National Rail network advertising on a 4 Sheet will repeatedly expose your business to a valuable and mobile audience
Notice board - Close to point of sale advertisers use this site to promote local events, businesses and services.

Stair, lift and escalator panels
"Often Stair, Lift and Escalator Panels are the first and last advertising that consumers see as they enter and exit the station. These site types are the ideal format to communicate with passengers and entice them into stores and outlets in the surrounding area."

POS - Due to their location near the exit and entrance to a station these sites can influence consumers visit local stores and outlets.
Eye-line - In such close proximity to consumer you ad is brought literally front of mind as they make their journey into and out of the station.
Footfall - As the only access to the platforms these sites ensure that your business is seen by every consumer going in to and out of the station.

12 sheet
"A ‘unique to rail’ format that cost-effectively captures the attention of commuters. Placed in high traffic areas this site type ensures upmarket consumers and affluent leisure travelers are exposed to your brand on a daily basis. When observed at close proximity 12 sheets offer all the benefits of larger landscape formats at an overall lower cost."

Frequency - The majority of rail passengers make repeated rail journeys weekly with 38% of travelers using the network more than 3 times a week. Your ad is in a high traffic area, which ensures it is constantly seen during the campaign period.
Local - Consumers identify with their local area, with train stations at the heart of the community. Tapping into consumers on a local platform gives ads ‘for me’ relevance and can direct consumers to shops, outlets and services in and around their immediate area.
Cost effective - 12 sheets offer a cost effective way of capturing the attention of upmarket consumers and affluent leisure travelers whilst offering all the benefits of a larger landscape format at a lower cost.
Adaptable - An easy format to work with that is easily adaptable from existing campaigns elsewhere

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