Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ted Baker window display and in-store (primary)

Checked out the store in Leeds and saw for myself the transition between what they reflect on the outside and what is actually on the inside.

The moving window display certainly grabs attention but it doesn't reflect the content of the store accurately. I can see they want to be different and not snooty, but this doesn't make me want to go inside, if i'm shopping, i'm looking for clothes right? Not spinning skittle people. The craft is nice and you can't doubt it does look like quality gear, especially in this store inside Victoria Quarter, but the clothes seem to fade into the background compared to the entertainment of the display.

I also managed to take some photos inside the store of the watches. The accessories such as watches always seem to be an after though for shoppers as they are never centre of attention or shouting 'buy me!'. The case was lovely, and again spoke of quality, but nothing special stood out. On closer inspection of the watches they do look really nice, and crafted beautifully. The designs are also really nice and simple with some extra special detailing but I did not see the supposed witty humour of Ted in the watch design or packaging. There was one packaged in a book, this looked quite nice, but the connection and reasoning was unclear. I didn't have a close look at the footwear, however I can say it did not jump out to me either.

I found this which is a better picture of their current watch packaging.

Ted Baker won the award for 'Best Mens Shopping' inside Victoria Quarter, Top of the Shops Awards 2010, the award was in the window but served no purpose there as people don't notice it.

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