Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ted Baker in-store (secondary)

Feedback from Ailsa and Amy demonstrated how Ted Baker are mixed in their messaging. The outside display windows to draw people in and kookie and are more about a concept than the clothing range. Whereas inside is more serious and organised. The inside does not reflect the Ted Baker personality they supposedly possess from the outside. As photography was not allowed in store I researched to find imagery.

This is from the Hong Kong opening... and what surprised me is that they have very Western looking models in store (it really shouldn't have)... I guess this was a decision made due to the Britishness they are trying to perceive.

Revolving floor in store in 2007. This was an area where you could sit... possibly for bored other-halves. At first glance I thought how pretentious, oh we must do something different. But then I admired the courage and idea to make pople look and keep their interest even when they are not interested! If people were really that bored or got motion sickness they could always walk out the store. 

Live music in store? Cool, realistically will this make people buy the clothes?

This video made me realise the materialism of Ted Baker. As with any other fashion label they care (have to) care about fashion and what judgements people make of you for the clothes you are wearing. Everything is external to present an image acceptable. Ted Baker claim to not be like other fashion labels, but they have to be in order to be in fashion. Are their window displays built to last? Seems like alot of detail and thought goes into them but I wonder how long their life is? And does this reflect their clothing lifespan?

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