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Money, banking, working, living... the game of monopoly is all about getting ahead and our audience is aspirational men.

The history of Monopoly pretty much reflects the intentions of the game. Crush your opponents and get as much money as possible.

1904 - The board game The Landlord's Game is born, patented by Lizzie Magie of Virginia. She uses this game to explain economist Henry George's idea, who she is a devoted follower of.

1933 - Lizzie Magie files for another patent for a larger version of her game.
         - Charles B. Darrow falls in love with the game and it becomes a popular game among his family and friends. He files for a patent and begins hand-making games, selling them as his own invention for four dollars each.

1934 - Darrow simply cannot keep up with the supply and demand and decides to bring the game to Parker brothers who totally rejects his version of the game because there are fifty-two design errors.

1934 - Darrow continues to sell as many games as he can produce.

1935 - Parker Brothers hears of Darrow's success and decides to buy the rights to the game. To cover all angles, Parker Brothers also pays off Lizzie Magie and anybody eles who has copyrights to games similar toMonopoly and become the sole owners of the game. They pay Lizzie $500 with no royalties and makret The Landlord's Game for a little while and then erase the game forever. They then give Charles B. Darrow credit as Monopoly's inventor.

  • Canadian Edition (1982 release)
  • Canadian Edition (This edition was released in honor of the 2000 World Monopoly Championship being held in Toronto).
  • 1935 Deluxe First Edition (2002 reproduction)
  • The American Express Funds Edition
  • 50th Anniversary Chevy Corvette Edition
  • Batman Edition
  • Chicago Edition
  • Chicago White Sox World Series 1917-2005 Edition
  • Coca Cola Edition
  • The .com Edition
  • Disney Edition
  • Duel Masters Edition
  • Dale Earnhardt Edition
  • ESPN Ultimate Sports Fan Edition
  • Family Guy Edition
  • Garfield Edition
  • Hard Rock Cafe Edition
  • Harley Davidson Edition
  • Hawaii Edition
  • I Love Lucy Edition
  • Inflatable Edition
  • Looney Tunes: Official Classic Cartoon Edition
  • The Lord of the Rings Edition
  • Marshall Field's Edition
  • The Mega Edition
  • Michael Graves Design Edition
  • Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary Edition
  • Muppets Edition
  • My MLB Edition
  • My NFL Edition
  • NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Edition
  • National Parks Edition
  • NFL Edition
  • NHL Edition
  • NHL Original Six Edition
  • New York Yankees Edition
  • Nintendo Collector's Edition
  • Notre Dame Edition
  • Parker Brothers Nostalgia Games Series Edition
  • Olympic Games Centennial Edition
  • Peanuts Collector's Edition
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Collector's Edition
  • Pixar Edition
  • Pokémon Edition (1999)
  • Pokémon Edition (2001)
  • The Powerpuff Girls Edition
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Edition
  • Boston Red Sox Edition
  • Scooby-Doo Edition
  • Sephora Edition
  • Sesame Street Edition
  • Seventieth Anniversary Edition (collector's tin)
  • The Simpsons Edition
  • The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Edition
  • Snoopy: It's a Dog's Life Edition
  • Spider-Man Edition
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Edition
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Collectors' Edition
  • Star Trek: The Original Series Limited Edition
  • Star Wars Classic Trilogy Edition (1997)
  • Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition (2004)
  • St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship Edition (2006)
  • Toys "R" Us 50th Anniversary Edition - Monopoly Deluxe Edition
  • U.S. Air Force Edition
  • U.S. Army Edition
  • U.S. Marine Corps Edition
  • NASA Edition
  • The Wizard of Oz Collector's Edition
  • World Cup 1998 Edition
  • World Cup 2006 Edition
  • New York Yankees Edition
  • Arsenal F.C. Edition
  • Coronation Street Monopoly
  • Here & Now Limited Edition
  • Manchester United F.C. Edition
  • Monopoly Stock Exchange
  • Southampton Edition
  • Paris Edition
  • Rennes Edition
  • Köln (Cologne) Edition
  • Österreich (Austria) Edition
  • Europa Edition
  • Frankfurt Edition
  • Hamburg Edition
  • Ultraman Edition
  • Edition en Español
This is the Monopoly board I remember... but there are so many variations and countries I don't think it is British enough.

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