Monday, 7 March 2011

Previous entries

I have found a whole load of previous entries to ycn for a similar Ted Baker brief... I will avoid all of these as they have alreay been done. I know these were all for slightly variations of the Ted Baker brief but as a brand it is good to look at previous entries and ideas around the brand in gernral. I think me and Ailsa are already thinking more original than some of these which makes me optomistic about us as a collaboration. Most designs seem to be typically British and what everyone initially think of... we want to make something a bit out of the ordinary... maybe add a slant to something ordinary.

Mitash Patel.

Craig Rowberry.

Hayley Powell.

Marta Szymczyk.

Kimberly WS Chan.

Gwenno Williams.

Dominic Merritt.


Maria del Carmen Smith.

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