Sunday, 20 November 2011

Brief 01 version 04

Create an alternative version of Helvetica Bold for use as a display font, which does not appear to be derived from the original version to communicate personality and creativity.

The aspects of Helvetica Bold which can be changed for maximun effect is the lack of serifs and thickness of stems. Decoration can also be added to the new shape of the letterforms. How can this font be promoted and creativity and adding personality to fonts as a whole.

Mandatory Requirements
Changes made must be within the restrictions of Helvetica Bold and uppercase, lowercase, glyphs and numbers must all be made. Font must be usable and working. Promotion must be fun and appropriate to creative audience.

1x font
1x specimen booklet
1x specimen PDF
10x postcards
1x poster prints
1x pencil case
1x ruler
1x pencil
1x pen
1x sketchbook

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