Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Title Sequences

I have no idea how to out together my title sequence, but want to start with this first. Here is a range of different title sequences that use static assets... I found all of these from The Art Of The Title Sequence. Click the links above each one to watch on website... couldn't find embed code for most of them on youtube!

300 - I like how this uses illustration, rather than video

A History of Scotland - genre appropriate

Adventure Time - some crazy s**t, outstanding level of work

Bonnie and Clyde - simple but effective

Broken - Genre driven title sequence

Buried - Really nice use of line to animate text

Catch Me If You Can

Cowboy Bebop - I want to see this film ha!

Dean Spanley

Delicatessen - the texture, colour and just whole animation is amazing!


Edward Scissorhands

Fakers - wonderful transitions

Freaked - crazy stuff, not my style but looks pretty cool
Gentlemen Broncos - reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite

Het Klokhuis - amazing
It Might Get Loud - long intro but cool

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - using only static imagery, brilliant relationship between type and image

Lady In The Lake - Commentary excerpt by film historians James Ursini and Alain Silver (from the 2006 DVD): Ursini “We're here to talk about one of the most unusual film noirs and maybe one of the most unusual films in mainstream Hollywood history called "Lady in the Lake." When I first saw this movie years ago I remember seeing the credits and thinking I was in the wrong movie. This cannot be "Lady in the Lake." This is a Christmas movie. Is this is a Capra movie, or a Leo McCary movie? ...[This] is a very sarcastic, ironic, even nasty movie. It's an anti-Christmas movie disguised as a Christmas movie. These titles set the tone, along with the Christmas carols which carry over through the movie and use of the chorus which [also] carries over; there is no instrumental music at all." Silver “[The titles] are unusual and are immediately ironic as we go from these Christmas graphics with the holly, the ivy, the candles, the deer and the Christmas star to a gun [which is] not very Christmasy...the first indication of film noir."

Mr. Magorium's Wonderful Emporium - Wonderful! I love how there are some consistencies, but it tays fresh and new all the way through the sequence

MTV P.O.V - Wicked, just be using image
Napoleon Dynamite - Love this film, and love this title sequence
Paraiso Travel - Nice introduction for the characters
Reservoir Dogs - Suits the film
Scott Pilgrim vs The World - not much use of type, but very effective
Sherlock Holmes - I like the early concept over the actual final title sequence
Stranger Than Fiction - This title sequence has made me want to watch this film!
Tetro - would work for a serious film
Thank You For Smoking - I would love to use this style in my animation!
The Company - Love the sketching in this sequence

The Dog Problem - Using static assets, but animations added, brilliant
The Island of Dr. Moreau - Shows good distortion of type
The Number 23 - Loads of information given
We're Here To Help - Fantastic use of form
Wild Style - changing typefaces
Zombieland - Just think this title sequence is pretty good

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