Thursday, 12 May 2011

Rose Vickers

I could use this as another way of seeing the positives, to look through something. I think I will adopt this idea instead of printing. On display in the cafe...

"All the works on display have been cut by hand using a scalpel knife – no laser cutting was involved! Paper-cut artist Rose Vickers trained in applied arts at the University of Derby and on graduating worked mainly in three dimensions using primarily wood and stone for large scale public and private commissions. However after making several series of work using light boxes, paper cutting seemed to just emerge as the appropriate technique to carry the pieces forward, and she still feels inspired by the transformative effect that light has on what is essentially a flat object.

She says that a paper cut is something which involves not only the elements of drawing but also those of making, requiring a certain kind of discipline, skill and process in its' creation."

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