Monday, 27 September 2010

Baby, i'm back and I like bread

The 'good' workshop with Lorenzo opened up my mind into thinking more abstract about what is good. Over summer I picked something pretty rigid to research and I enjoyed learning about it, but from a purely selfish point. I didn't enjoy telling others what I had found and couldn't be persuasive in my argument. I have to think about things which people could see as reasons why something is not good and be able to argue my side more effectively. I also want to chose something which I can look at in different ways and compile my own primary research about.

I tried to make a list of 100 things I thought were good... then realised I think everything is good.

I think bread is good.
I chose bread because it is probably what I eat most of and HAVE to have it in my cupboard. There is so much variety of bread that there is something for everyone. Bread is just a word to use to collect all the doughy goodness together.

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